Medicaid Canceled?

What can I do if my Medicaid is canceled?

You have the right to ask why your Medicaid was canceled and if you can get coverage again.

If you received a letter stating that your Medicaid has been canceled or your coverage has been reduced, you can ask for “an appeal.” An appeal is your way to ask the state why your coverage was canceled and if you can get coverage again.

Follow these steps to make your appeal:


Contact your local social services agency right away. You only have 60 days, or less than 2 months, to appeal your canceled Medicaid. Take action right away after you receive a letter. If you ask for a hearing within 10 days of receiving your letter, you can continue to receive benefits until the first hearing decision is made. Find your local social services agency at


Request a hearing. Tell your DSS caseworker that you are requesting a hearing. For free help at your hearing, visit and click “Get Legal Services” for information about the nonprofit law firms in your area.


Get help. Visit to find FREE local legal help for your Medicaid coverage. If you
think DSS was unfair or violated your rights in the Medicaid renewal process, you can call 1-800-936-4971 or email to report a violation.

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